​Thanks to the oil industry, a business from Grand Bank is blowing up — so much so, the company held a job fair on Tuesday to recruit 30 to 40 new employees.

Dynamic Air Shelters manufactures custom-made, inflatable shelters for commercial, industrial and military use. The quick-deploying, portable shelters are shipped to customers all over the world. 

"We have a number of bids and proposals out there and it looks really good," said operations manager Renita Dominaux. "We need to be able to show our customers and ourselves that the capacity is out there to expand to where we want to go."

Dynamic Air Structures

The custom-made, inflatable shelters are made for commercial, industrial and military use. Some can withstand wind forces of 130 kilometres per hour. (CBC)

Dominaux said business took off when the oil industry released new regulations that favoured blast-proof structures in employee work areas. 

"It will save the customers, they tell us, in the tens of millions of dollars because they can put their lunchrooms closer to their work facilities and not outside, so the productivity for them is a big increase. So they want to do it. Not only that, they have to do it legislatively," Dominaux said.

Sturdy structures for various uses

Director of Research and Development John Stratton said the company plans to use the empty field behind its factory as a showroom for prospective clients, to showcase a new line of larger structures.

John Stratton

Director of Research and Development John Stratton hopes to turn the field behind the factory into a show space for Dynamic Air Shelters newest structures. (CBC)

"We'll bring potential clients who are looking for large, lightweight, semi-permanent or temporary buildings with very long, clear open span, we'll bring them here and show them how we're able to accomplish that with the technology —because no one else is doing that right now," he said.

Dynamic Air Shelters' blast resistant buildings can withstand wind forces of 130 kilometres per hour. The company also produces shelters that are used as temporary hospitals for first responders in disaster areas.

"People put a lot of pride in the work that they do, especially when they see there's a humanitarian purpose," said Dominaux. "So, for example, when we sent a shelter to the Philippines a year or two ago, people were very proud about the work that they were doing."

Dynamic Air Shelters will hold another job fair in Marystown on April 29 and 30. The company is considering bussing potential employees to work at the Grand Bank location. 

With files from Martine Blue.