Students at the College of the North Atlantic's Placentia campus say their school is treating them unfairly by not filling a position that has been vacant for months.

The position of student development officer, which help students with loans, scholarships and tutoring programs, has been empty since June. 

Millwright student Tyler Whalen said he paid for his tuition out of his own pocket, and would have gone to a development officer to get other funding, had the position been filled.

"We feel that we are just being straight up short-changed," Whalen said.

"Feels like there is a lack of care for the students. I mean we are paying the same amount of tuition as the students who go to Prince Philip Drive or Ridge Road or Happy Valley-Goose Bay."

College of the North Atlantic vice president Elizabeth Chaulk said the students concerns are unfounded.

"They will have the services they require. It may not be a student development officer at the campus 100 per cent of the time but there [is] access to individuals who can help them," Chaulk said.

She said students there are receiving all the services they need with the help of other staff at the campus and periodic visits from a Student Development officer from another campus.

Chaulk told CBC that students are being helped by staff at the Placentia campus and that a student development officer from the Clarenville campus makes periodic trips.  

Tyler Whalen insists that's not adequate. He said students will continue to call for a full-time student development officer at their campus.

A college official says the full-time student development officer position in Placentia is being reviewed.