Men and women's teams from four provinces were in St. John's this weekend to play in the 2013 Eastern Canadian Rugby Championships.

Basil Crosbie, tournament organizer and the men's under 16 coach for Newfoundland and Labrador, says it's important for the players to get to play for a local audience.

"It's an important opportunity for our kids to be able to showcase their talents in front of the hometown fans because normally we have to travel a lot to get to games that we need [to play]," Crosbie said.

"[Parents have] this opportunity once every four years to see their little Johnny or little Becky or whatnot out on the field, and to get to see the fruits of the kids' labour over the number of years they've been putting into it."

Crosbie said the local support boosts the confidence of the players.

"The bleachers were filled and the deck was filled, and there was probably 500, 600, maybe even 800 people here watching the game," he said.

"That's something they don't generally get to see on a day to day basis, so to have that local support, I think they enjoy it."

Newfoundland and Labrador's under 18 men's team won its gold match 27-11 on Sunday.

Teams here are preparing for the national championships in August.