Kathleen Dyke says she is dumbfounded by a series of mysterious red lights she saw hovering in the sky near her home in Wabush around 11:45 p.m. on July 1. 

Dyke and her husband were in their backyard checking to see if a neighbour's attempts to set off Canada Day fireworks had succeeded.

The couple noticed a red light moving silently across the sky. 

"The red light came over my neighbour's house, proceeded at a level height, we watched it," recounted Dyke.   "Then it turned, it didn't go up, it didn't go down, it went straight out and disappeared."

As that light disappeared, the Dykes spotted another red light, moving in the same manner.  Within the span of 15 minutes, Dyke said she and her husband counted seven red lights, all following the same pattern. 

Dyke lives near the Wabush airport, and she said she's used to the sounds and lights associated with airport traffic.  But the July 1 sighting did not resemble anything she has ever seen before. 

"It's the strangest thing we ever saw."

Dyke and her husband took photos and video of the lights. They're hoping to compare their experience with other witnesses to see if anyone can come up with an explanation for the red objects.