U.S. boy overwhelmed by response to project

A sixth grader in the state of Washington reached out to people in Newfoundland and Labrador to put together a geography project for school.
Dalton Spencer with all the mail he's received from people across Newfoundland and Labrador.

An American sixth grader who reached out to people in Newfoundland and Labrador for help with a geography project says he's been overwhelmed by the response.

Dalton Spencer of Adna, Wash., says he was not expecting to receive so much mail after appearing on CBC's St. John's Morning Show earlier this month.

He said he received more than 100 different packages from people across the province.

"I have received stuff like letters, lapel pins I could sink a ship with, I got a shirt ... I got two big maps from the Department of Environment and Conservation, and some stuff from the Memorial college," Spencer said.

He also received a special treat from some students.

"A class sent me puffin poop, and we opened it up and we were like 'Oh, ew, puffin poop,' and they were white chocolate covered raisins and we laughed so hard."

Spencer said the people of the province are starting to feel like family.

"The way that they write their letters to me - there's people sending me their email addresses and their phone numbers so I can keep in touch with them and if I want any more information, I can get it from them. It's just how nice they're being to me," he said.

Spencer said he's starting a list of places in the province he hopes to visit some day.

"I would probably like Bonavista, Cape St. Mary's - 'cause I'd really like to see the puffins - and I'd love to see icebergs."

For now, however, he's focusing on finishing his project, and getting an A.