A radio station in the U.K. released a video they put together of listener-submitted kitchen dancing, in an effort to conduct the first global kitchen party.

Bristol Kitchen Radio hosted the first transatlantic kitchen party with CBC Radio One's Weekend AM in November, connecting Newfoundland and Labrador and Bristol through traditional kitchen parties.

The station appealed to listeners from across the globe to submit their video of them and their families dancing along in their kitchens.

WAM host Angela Antle said there was an instant connection with Bristol Kitchen Radio hosts Ellen Hughes and Victoria Stevens.

"My only expectation was to have some fun and open this up for the WAM audience," Antle said.

"When I first interviewed Ellen Hughes on the air about the project, I felt an immediate connection. She was someone who loved radio and very much wanted to have some fun. I'm always up for a bit of radio foolishness."

Musicians from this province played live in the St. John's studio, and transmitted their tunes to the Bristol station.

"My favourite memory is when the crowd in Bristol were dancing up a storm in their kitchen and clapping their hands to the live music from Emilia Bartellas and Aaron Collis coming from our studio," Antle said.

"There was something poignant about our traditional music flowing back to the 'old country' through a very new technology and seeing the immediate connection the music made with the people in Bristol."

Check out the video from Bristol Kitchen radio above.