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Tony Horwood says local legend has it that the Orange Lodge in Twillingate is actually haunted, adding extra fear factor to the haunted house. (CBC)

A man in Twillingate is sharing his love of Halloween with the entire town by organizing his second haunted house at one of the town's historical sites.

Tony Horwood used to just decorate his home, but last year he decided to turn the Orange Lodge into a haunted house.

It was such a big hit that he decided to pick up the project again this Halloween.

Horwood said one of the biggest spooks is usually spotted during full moons only.

"He's eight feet long, he's five feet wide and he's almost four feet high — it's a werewolf," Horwood said.

"It's as realistic as you can get so, you know, when I go downstairs — he's downstairs now actually, so I go down to get something, he kind of takes me off guard. You almost jump through the roof."

Horwood said that according to local legend, the Orange Lodge is already haunted, which adds a little extra scare to the haunted house.