For the second time in a week, fisherman Greer Hunt landed an impressive catch: a tuna, landed just off the northern Avalon Peninsula. 

Hunt has had success over the years, once landing three tuna in a season. He's certainly not complaining about this summer's performance. 

"As you can see by the big beam on my face, I'm pretty excited," Hunt said in an interview. 

Greer Hunt

Greer Hunt: 'As you can see by the big beam on my face, I'm pretty excited.' (CBC)

On Sunday, Hunt landed a bluefin off Bauline that was measured at 880 pounds, or almost 400 kg. Last Tuesday, he caught another tuna off Portugal Cove that weight 840 pounds, or about 380 kg. 

Landing a tuna that size is no easy feat, and requires the work of a three-member crew. 

"It's a battle. It feels real good, but it's a battle," said Hunt. "When he's close, the fish is pretty dangerous. If he manages to get his head down, you've got a good chance of losing the fish." 

See Hunt's interview with Here & Now co-host Jonathan Crowe by clicking the video above.