Natuashish chief Simeon Tshakapesh says Innu will block the road to the Muskrat Falls construction site if incidents of what he calls racism against Innu people at the site don't stop.

He said he has spent the past two weeks gathering information from Innu people about their experiences at the work site, and he plans to sit down with Nalcor to discuss the situation.

Tshakapesh said unless things improve for Innu workers at the site — they'll take action.

"We're going to have our own blockade on the road. We're going to block it. And if they don't stop it then this is what's going to happen," said Tshakapesh.

"Because it's not going to be tolerated anymore."

Tshakapesh said he has has heard of numerous incidents of discrimination and name-calling towards Innu workers by other workers.    

'I'm tired of it.' —Simeon Tshakapesh, chief of Natuashish

"I'm tired of it," said Tshakapesh. "And it's been happening for many, many years for aboriginal people, being labelled, being discriminated," he said.

"I've seen it when I was growing up, and I certainly don't want to see it today."

Tshakapesh also said 29 people in Natuashish completed a training course to be security guards in anticipation of being hired for the hydroelectric project, but only one of those people was hired at the Muskrat Falls site.

A group of Innu protesters shut down the Muskrat Falls site last April over an alleged racial slur.