A man accused of murdering his former girlfriend on a street in the west end of St. John's two years ago has been told he will not get extra money to pay for the lawyer of his choice.

Trevor Pardy, who is accused of fatally shooting Triffie Wadman on Boggy Hall Place in October 2011, had wanted extra money from the public purse to pay a private lawyer.

Pardy refused to accept a lawyer through the Legal Aid Commission, and has not been able to find a defence lawyer willing to take on his case at the $60 per hour rate paid by Legal Aid.

Justice James Adams with the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador said in a decision released Thursday that the court was turning down Pardy's request.

Adams found that Pardy "failed to establish his right to a fair trial would be jeopardized if he were represented by a Legal Aid staff lawyer."

Adams determined that if Pardy proceeds with the legal counsel of his choice, they will be paid at Legal Aid rates and no higher than that.

Pardy may take the case to the Court of Appeal.

Jury dismissed just before trial started

In November 2012, just before evidence was to be called in his trial, Pardy fired defence lawyer Jeff Brace, prompting the court to dismiss the jury.

Pardy has been in custody since he was arrested.

St. John's lawyer Bob Buckingham represented Pardy on the application, and told the court he would be willing to take on the trial if a higher rate could be negotiated with the office of the Attorney General.

The Legal Aid Commission, though, said it remains able to provide legal counsel for Pardy's trial.