A massive amount of forest and more than 60 cabins were destroyed in forest fires that burned through western Labrador a year ago, and officials want to raise awareness about fire safety as the forest fire season begins.

Officials and local groups, including the Scouts Canada troop, took to work over the weekend to plant new saplings to rejuvenate some of the 270-square kilometre burned area.

Young volunteer Max Crant said he hopes the trees he planted on Blueberry Hill over the weekend will help restore the area to what it once was.

"Well, it looked beautiful and green, but now we're trying to get it back how it used to be," he said.

Scout leader Leo Dillon said it's important to teach young people about fire safety to help reduce the number of forest fires in the Labrador region.

Leo Dillon Scout leader

Leo Dillon says it's important to keep teaching young people about fire safety in an effort to help reduce the risk of forest fires in western Labrador. (CBC)

"The past couple years here we've had some devastating forest fires in the area, and we're trying to raise awareness with the kids and the community just about how devastating it can be," said Dillon.

A water bomber let loose as a display for the spectators on Sunday, but people in the area said they hope they won't be needing its services this summer.