CBC Radio One's Weekend AM hosted a transatlantic Kitchen Party on Saturday morning, building on the historical connections between Bristol, England and Newfoundland and Labrador.

WAM host Angela Antle co-hosted the shindig, along with U.K.'s Bristol Kitchen Radio hosts Ellen Hughes and Victoria Bradley.

Hughes and Bradley were inspired by Newfoundland and Labrador kitchen parties when they created their podcast, and we want to show them how we do it.


WAM host Angela Antle. (CBC)

CBC Newfoundland and Labrador will be broadcasting both sides of the Atlantic live on the radio and on the web.

Get up and dance

What we wanted you to do is get up and dance to N.L. musicians Emilia Bartellas and Aaron Collis, along with U.K. musicians Paul Bradley and Gina Griffin.

Step dancers Kristen Harris Walsh (N.L.) and Michelle Gaskell (U.K.) lead the crews in some simple dance steps during the finale.

Those steps may very well make it into the film Bristol Kitchen Radio is putting together of the event.

Listeners can use their smart phones to record 30-60 seconds of their families dancing in their kitchens to the music.

Here's what to do

Record your dancing (hold the camera horizontally please)

Submit your video, and your fancy kitchen footwork might make it into their short film.