Engineers were planning Tuesday how best to repair a spectacular collapse of an offramp on the Trans-Canada Highway in western Newfoundland.

A gash of at least 15 metres in length appears where the ramp used to be, cutting off one of the entry points to Pasadena, just outside Corner Brook.

"The guardrail and the pavement just collapsed downward. Nothing is getting through Exit 12 today," CBC reporter Brian McHugh said from the scene.

The hole is about four or five metres deep.

No one was injured when the ramp collapsed on Monday night.

A trucker who was on the scene notified authorities, with police shutting down access and restricting westbound traffic in the area to one lane.

McHugh said that officials from the Department of Transportation and Works were working on the theory that high water levels at nearby Deer Lake had contributed to erosion on the soil holding up the ramp.

There had been heavy rains in the area last week, causing such problems as road washouts and temporary bridge closures. Some 169 mm of rain fell in the Grey River area, for instance, while as many as 90 mm fell in the Corner Brook area.

A part of the regional highway connecting the remote south coast town of Burgeo with the TCH collapsed over the weekend.