RCMP in Stephenville say a routine traffic stop led to a seizure of methamphetamine pills and a quantity of marijuana.

A 24-year-old man from Drummondville, Quebec remains in custody after being charged on Tuesday with trafficking and possession.      

At a news conference on Thursday, Cpl. John Butler said the man was pulled over several days before.  

"In the vehicle at the time was this particular gentleman, and when he provided his ID, the officer made some checks and found out that this gentleman had an extensive criminal record," said Butler.

Butler said police wondered what the man was doing in Stephenville, and they began watching the suspect. This led to the drug seizure.

The RCMP seized 11 pounds of marijuana and 866 methamphetamine tablets, which are known as ice. Butler said they are similar to, but not the same as crystal meth.