Volunteers at the United Church in North West River are thanking the community for helping after it was targeted by vandals.

Last week, someone threw a rock through the window of a basement thrift shop, forcing volunteers to clean up the mess.

Volunteer Liz Dawson said when she arrived at the church to survey the damage, she found shattered glass everywhere — on the floor, on the tables and inside the containers of baby clothes right under the window.

"I had to get rid of it. I mean, you can't even take that home and wash it or anything like that," Dawson said, "You just can't take a chance."

Volunteers had to throw out the entire stock, which it shares with other groups in Labrador. 

Despite the vandalism, the community is rallying together to bring forward more offers of clothing. One man in the community is fixing the shattered basement window for free. 

Tilley McGrath, who also volunteers for the church, called the response heartwarming.

"This is what we [call] the community of North West River. If anything happens in a situation like we're getting into now, there is people there ... they don't need money for it," McGrath said.

The RCMP continues to investigate the vandalism. No arrests have been made.