The town of Badger is putting a price tag on bags of garbage over the weekly limit to deal with what it says is "other people's garbage."

The central Newfoundland community plans to start charging $2.50 per bag for every bag over a weekly limit of five bags per household.

The town began trucking its trash to the new Norris Arm Waste landfill earlier this year at a cost of $117 per tonne of garbage.

Since then, town council members have noticed the town is collecting more garbage.

"Because there is an increased tonnage, we feel people are dropping garbage from other areas along the streets here," said Badger mayor Mike Patey. "The taxpayers already pay for this service, so they don't need to be paying for other people's garbage."

Patey said residents have to buy the garbage tags in advance from the town hall, and if they put out more than five bags of garbage with no tags on the extra bags, garbage collectors will leave the bags at the curb. 

So far, said Patey, residents have not complained about the fee.

He added that the town plans to promote recycling, reminding residents that curbside recycling is collected every second Tuesday or that they can take their recyclables to Badger's recycling depot.