With 26 per cent of voter support in Newfoundland and Labrador, the Progressive Conservative Party has a lot to discuss this weekend.

Tory delegates are gathering in Gander for their 2013 convention and 61st annual general meeting.

When the party held its AGM in the town a year ago, it was already on a downturn, with 45 per cent of voter support.

However, delegates like Joe Guinchard don't seem to be paying much attention to numbers. 

Tory delegate Joe Guinchard

Delegate Joe Guinchard believes the party is on the right path. (CBC)

"I'm very happy with it, because I think they're on the right path," said Guinchard. 

Guinchard said he believes the party is doing the best it can, no matter what the polls say.

"I'm not a believer in polls, but in order I guess to satisfy the people, there might be a few odds and ends, you might have to spend some more money and go a bit further in debt — but I think they're on the right track to save as much money as they can." 

Delegate Ted Mayo believes the party should stay the course.

"I think people realize that we're making the right decisions and don't see anything wrong with what we're doing right now," said Mayo.

Premier Kathy Dunderdale's speech on Friday night is expected to be a rallying effort to fire up delegates.