The arrest of Samuel Aggek, originally from the northern Labrador community of Nain, on a charge of murder has sparked a review of the probation system in N.L. ((Courtesy: Toronto Police Services))

A murder charge in Toronto has prompted a review of Newfoundland and Labrador’s justice system.  

Toronto police charged Levi Samuel Aggek, 33, of Nain, northern Labrador, with second-degree murder on Dec. 6.  

At the time, Aggek was on probation for past convictions in Newfoundland and Labrador.

"[Aggek] did not meet with a probation officer as he was supposed to have done," said Newfoundland and Labrador's Justice Minister Felix Collins on Friday. "[He] did not give any information about his whereabouts. He didn’t suggest any change of address or that he was leaving the province."

Aggek had been in Toronto for about three months, living on the street and in homeless shelters.

Collins said the province is worried that its probation system isn't working.

"That creates some concerns for this government, for the Department of Justice, with respect to the probation system and how it failed in that particular situation," said Collins.

Collins has launched a review of the probation system that will look at staffing levels, workload and the location of the officers.  

The minister expects to appoint an external reviewer in the next few days. He said the review will take at least six months.

The province employs 36 probation officers. The Justice Department says each officer handles between 50 and 60 cases at any given time.