Voter support for Newfoundland and Labrador's Progressive Conservatives has gone up since Premier Tom Marshall took the post, according to a poll released on Thursday.

The latest poll from Corporate Research Associates shows the Tories have made gains, with 33 per cent of voter support, up from 29 in December.

latest CRA poll 20140306

The New Democrats lost even more ground in the latest CRA poll, while the Progressive Conservatives made gains. The Liberals maintained steady support. (CBC)

Marshall has made gains in approval as leader with 32 per cent voter confidence, up from former premier Kathy Dunderdale's last approval at 25 per cent.

But the support gained by the PCs was lost by the New Democrats, who came in at 13 per cent overall support, with party leader Lorraine Michael down to 11 per cent approval in the role.

The provincial Liberals made a slight advance in approval, with 53 per cent overall. Party leader Dwight Ball's approval held steady at 38 per cent. Previous approval was 36 per cent.