The Progressive Conservatives are dead-set on snatching a seat that has not only long been Liberal, but is still associated with former party titan John Efford.

Port de Grave will have a new MHA after the Oct. 11 election, with the retirement of Roland Butler, who has held the seat for a decade. Efford held Port de Grave for the preceding 16 years, sometimes winning the Conception Bay district with the largest majorities in the province.


Leanne Hussey: 'Before this election is over, I plan to knock on every door in the district to meet the people myself.' (CBC)

But for Tory candidate Glen Littlejohn, the district's voting history is not a concern for the Oct. 11 election.

"As I said from my campaign team from the start: they have it, we want it, we need to earn it," Littlejohn told CBC News.

The mayor of Bay Roberts, Littlejohn gave Butler a run for his money in 2007, losing the race by just 260 votes.

Liberal candidate Leanne Hussey is young, but has worked on party campaigns for many years, and knows that winning will take long hours and hard work.

"Before this election is over, I plan to knock on every door in the district to meet the people myself," said Hussey, a veteran of both the Efford and Butler campaigns.


Glen Littlejohn: 'They have it, we want it, we need to earn it.' (CBC)

Hussey's goal is to become the first woman to represent Port de Grave in the legislature.

"I'm new and I'm young and I have a lot of new ideas and I think I bring a new perspective on what I could do for the district," she said.

Hussey is not the only young female candidate in the race. NDP candidate Sarah Downey is a Memorial University student.

Voters said they expect a tough race to the finish line on Oct. 11.

"Even though my family traditionally is Liberal, I think I'm going to have to make the decision that I think whoever speaks the best, whoever brings the best issues to the table," said Kelsey Bishop, who is about to vote in her first election.

Fellow voter Lynn Lynch agrees.

"I guess it's all according to how each one of them presents themselves," she said. "We [have]

Glen Littlejohn right now and he's very popular, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see."