Tories put 2nd push on Port de Grave

Kathy Dunderdale pays a return visit to a district where the Tories hope to nab a seat that's historically been glued to the Liberals.
Glenn Littlejohn is aiming to take Port de Grave from the Liberal column in Tuesday's general election. (CBC)


PC Leader Kathy Dunderdale paid a second visit to a Conception Bay battleground district this weekend, as the Tories hoped to scoop up a seat that has historically been glued to the Liberals.

"It's good hard work that pays dividends," Dunderdale told supporters of Port de Grave candidate Glenn Littlejohn, who aims to be the first Tory to hold the seat in almost three decades. [MORE: Read a profile of Port de Grave.]

Liberal Leanne Hussey says Kathy Dunderdale's return visit to Port de Grave may be a sign of slipping support. ((CBC) )

Dunderdale and her campaign bus headed through Port de Grave on Saturday in a sign that the Tories are hoping to shore up support in the district.

Port de Grave, which has elected only two Tories since Confederation, has been in Liberal hands since John Efford's first election in 1985.

Roland Butler, Efford's former aide, who has held the seat since 2001, is retiring.

Littlejohn, the mayor of Bay Roberts, urged his campaign volunteers to not take anything for granted in the final hours of the campaign.

"This is not over until 8 o'clock on Tuesday night," Littlejohn told supporters. "We know, and our motto has to be one more vote, because every vote we get will count. We can't miss one." [MORE: Read David Cochrane's 10 seats to watch.]

Liberals skeptical

Liberal candidate Leanne Hussey said Dunderdale's return visit shows that the Tories are struggling to find support.

"I think they might be a little bit nervous to have the premier back here again," Hussey told CBC News.

"You know what? We're not taking anything for granted in this district. We're going to play like we're 150 points behind on election day and we're going to get the vote out."

Butler, who defeated Littlejohn by just 260 votes in 2007, has been working steadily on Hussey's campaign.

Littlejohn and Hussey are competing against NDP candidate and student Sarah Downey.

At dissolution, the PCs held 43 of the 48 seats in the house of assembly, while the Liberals held four and the NDP held one.