Torbay mayor, council willing to find a way to save town's library

On Tuesday, it was announced that the Torbay Public Library would be closing its doors next month.
Torbay Mayor Ralph Tapper is hoping that another town building can be found to house the public library. (CBC)

The mayor of Torbay says he and the town council are willing to work on a way to save the public library in the town.

On Tuesday, it was announced that the library would be closing its doors next month. The library had been operating in the town hall rent-free for 40 years.

Mayor Ralph Tapper said in 2015, the library moved into a rented space which costs approximately $20,000 a year.

Tapper said the town hall has limited space available. Parts of the building had safety concerns and needed work to be brought up to code.

"We're taking some initiatives, because we've got a real space crunch with all our facilities," he said.

He said the town paid the tab for the new location most of the past year, and the provincial library board picked up the cost for the last couple of months.

Neither the town nor the board are willing to pay the rent after March.

But Tapper said he's hoping a space can be found in another town building.

"It's unfortunate ... and we don't want to see the library go out of Torbay — or this area. So we came up with some rental space right across from the town hall. It's a great space and we paid the rent all through that year to accommodate the library," he said.

The Town of Torbay needs the space in the town hall and no longer has the money to pay for the new location on Torbay Road. (Facebook)
"The provincial government paid the last few months this year and now they're saying they no longer can afford it. We can sit down and review this again, and see what we can come up with, some kind of a deal from all parties.

Tapper said when an elementary school was built in the town some years ago, the town approached the provincial government to see if space in that building could be utilized for a library.

"That didn't pan out. And they're even building a new middle school here now in Torbay, again they're not availing of that opportunity." 

"We're trying to get a new community centre built ... and it looks like it's positive for us to buy a heritage building down here for a new museum — so there could be new space to accommodate a library — or some aspect of it anyway."


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