A teenage hockey player from Torbay has caught the attention of hockey scouts and has been invited to attend a prep school in Ontario.

Julia Fitzpatrick will be attending Appleby College in Oakville, Ont. this September after being scouted at a showcase in P.E.I. over the summer.

According to 14-year-old Fitzpatrick, the school had her on its radar during the showcase and invited her to attend.

She said leaving home to attend school and play hockey will open up more doors for her to play in the future, especially as a female player.

"There's not that many girls to play hockey, so if you go away and stuff and you get really good, you have a better chance than some 14-year-old guy who's about equal to the 14-year-old girl because there's less of them (female players)," said Fitzpatrick.

Her mother, Jackie Fitzpatrick, said she might have preferred her daughter to be a little older when she left home for school, but the opportunity was too good to pass up.

"It's a huge decision, and we sat down as a family and we talked about it, and it was the kind of opportunity you just had to accept — you couldn't turn it down, really," she said.

Fitzpatrick will be playing on the senior girls' varsity ice hockey team as a grade nine student.