Townie punter, Donna Connors, is giving free lessons to those interested in punt racing. (CBC)

Summer is coming to an end, but some people are already preparing for next year's big August event.

People who have won punt races off Fogo Island and in St. John's Harbour are offering free punt-rowing lessons to anyone who wants to give it a try.

Donna Connors said she is living proof that anyone can learn how to row a punt.

Connors entered her first race two years ago

"It was my first time in a punt. We were asked to represent the townies — because I grew up in town — in the Harbour race and we did and we lost terribly."

Her luck turned this summer, thanks in part to Fogo Islander Kevin Purchase, who trained Connors. 

Connors won punt races in both Fogo and St. John's. 

Now she wants to pass on what she has learned.

"Last fall he took us for a good number of weeks and taught us how to punt and now we are trying to do the same thing this fall but hopefully with a lot more people."

Connors said they hope some of the people who try it will be inspired to compete in next summer's punt races.