An unusually-friendly visitor has been strolling the streets and neighbourhoods of Port Union lately.


This young moose has been frequenting the town of Port Union for about six weeks.

A young moose has been hanging out in the area for about six weeks.

The animal, which locals have dubbed Tootsie, is so tame that it stops to let people pet it.

Valerie Blackmore was thrilled to touch the moose.

"The first time I did it," said Blackmore, "Her little heart, you could see her pumping. She just stood there and I smoothed her down."

Others are not so pleased by Tootsie's visits. The juvenile moose has been wandering into back gardens, eating everything from people's rosebushes to lettuce.


Valerie Blackmore was thrilled to pet the moose locals afre calling Tootsie. (CBC)

"I think it's wonderful," said Blackmore, about the presence of moose in town. "But a lot of people don't, because they're tearing up the gardens and stuff like that. But I'm just an animal lover and I think it's just cool."

However, Blackmore is also a little worried the moose will get run over by traffic or shot by a hunter. She hopes wildlife officers will try again to get the animal and possibly give it a new home in the Salmonier Nature Park.