Alleged campaign sign thief caught on tape in Labrador

Watch how an alleged thief hides behind a branch as the sign gets plucked out of the ground.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay mayoral candidate Tony Chubbs says 24 of his signs have gone missing

Mayoral candidate Tony Chubbs was tired of having his signs stolen, so he set up a camera. 0:46

Politics can be ugly, even before you're elected — just ask Happy Valley-Goose Bay mayoral candidate Tony Chubbs.

He said someone has vandalized seven of his campaign signs, while 24 more have been stolen.

The problem got so out of control, Chubbs said he installed his own surveillance cameras, in addition to receiving other alleged caught-in-the-act footage.

Chubbs said he has since moved his signs so any would-be thieves can't hide behind nature.