Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Tom Marshall said now that a deal has been reached to reform the pension plans of thousands of government employees, attention will be given to also overhauling the pensions for provincial politicians.

"MHAs are next," Marshall said in an interview with CBC News.

"We now have a template for how we can deal with this," he said.

"Some [MHAs] may not want to make larger contributions, like the public service did," Marshall said, referring to the deal government reached Tuesday with some of the province's largest public sector unions.

"[MHAs] may want to go with pension benefits, or deductions in benefits."

Marshall said he had promised government unions that he would send the question of political pension reform to the House Management Commission.

According to a 2012 Green Report from the House of Assembly Members Compensation Review Committee, provincial politicians currently qualify for a pension after being elected twice, and serving five years in office.