The Minister of Natural Resources is getting backlash from anti-frackers in Newfoundland and Labrador after he made comments on the controversial oil-extracting method.

Tom Marshall travelled to Saskatchewan in early August to investigate hydraulic fracturing. When he returned to the province, he spoke to the media about his experience.

"I'm surprised because I've been looking at it negatively because all the information that I've been getting has been very negative. So, I was really surprised by their attitude," Marshall told CBC News Aug. 12.

Since speaking about his trip, Marshall said he's been given an earful from some people on the west coast of the island who said fracking in Saskatchewan is different than what is being proposed for the Sally's Cove area.

"I go to Saskatchewan — it's my first place — I just go one place and people are all accusing me of not being objective and not being independent," Marshall said.

"You know, it's very emotional and what I'm trying to do right now is that we're looking at regulations everywhere else in the world, and we're looking at the science, we're looking at scientific studies."

Marshall said he plans on visiting fracking sites with similar geology to the west coast, including Ohio and Texas.