Mallard Cottage owner-chef Todd Perrin takes viewers on a tour of Newfoundland and Labrador culinary secrets, as he discovers new flavours to bring back to his restaurant.

Perrin, who began his cooking career back in 1990, visits three locations to learn the secrets to some of this province's traditional dishes.

Mike Hearn from Petty Harbour shows him how to put together a traditional fish stew with cod.

Sharon Grandy, of the famous Sharon's Nook in Grand Bank, prepares her famous blueberry cheesecake with pancake batter bottom.

Perrin learns how to prepare a dish of meat cakes with Josephine Anastasiadi and Sherry Blake, who learned to make the dishes in their home community of Rigolet.

All the chefs come together at the Commissariat House in St. John's to cook their traditional dishes while Perrin does his modern twist on each recipe.

Check out the recipe for Salt Fish Boudin below.


Todd Perrin's recipe for salt fish boudin. (Courtesy Todd Perrin)