After nearly four decades in business, a fixture on the St. John's jewellery store scene is turning out the lights.


Owner John Dwyer says two violent robberies in the past few years made him decide to shut down the store. CBC

TimeCo is closing at the end of the year, but owner John Dwyer says it has nothing to do with the competition.

He said two violent robberies in the last few years pushed him to shut his doors.

"It's not worth it," said Dwyer. "There will be more and more so it's time to get out now."

In 2009, two unmasked thieves smashed up the store on Water Street, taking off with a tray of rings.

Then this July, another man tried to steal a ring and bracelet. Dwyer chased him down and ended up being charged with assault himself.

But Dwyer says despite the violence, there were a lot of good years.

He thinks saying goodbye to customers is the hardest part.

"They're surprised and sorry that we're going and they're going to miss us," said Dwyer.

"[I] just appreciate all their business, and I guess we'll miss them as well."

TimeCo is one of the few local jewellery stores that does repairs on site.


TimeCo is one of the few St. John's jewellery stores that does repairs on site. (CBC )

Rick Forristall has worked at the downtown shop for 18 years.

He says even though he repairs and crafts his own jewellery, his future is uncertain.

"I don't know if there is many out there looking for jewellers right now," said Forristall.

"So I guess when the time comes I'll just have to get out, look around, and see what happens."

There is no set closing date yet, but Dwyer expects it to be before the new year.