Three boys from Paradise awarded for Boxing Day rescue

Three Paradise boys are being recognized today for their heroic efforts.
Jayden Simms, Matthew McGrath and Andrew Vaters were honoured today for rescuing a woman who fell through the ice 6:59

Three Paradise boys have been recognized for their heroic efforts.

Nine year old Jayden Simms and eight year old Andrew Vaters received their Rescuer Awards at Government House Monday morning. Nine year old Mathew McGrath will receive his award at a school ceremony in April.

The boys are being recognized because a woman may have frozen to death on boxing day, if it had not been for their actions.

The boys were playing near a pond in the town when they heard a woman scream for help. She had slipped through the ice and was struggling to get out of the freezing water. 

Two boys stayed near the shore, keeping her within sight. The third ran to nearby houses until he found someone to call 9-1-1. 

Fire officials arrived shortly after and pulled the woman to safety.

When asked if they felt like heroes, the boys quietly shook their heads to say no.

The ceremony was an exciting event for them to attend however.

"Jayden thought he was going to the White House when he got his invitation last week. He was quite excited about it," said his mother, Tina Collins.

Collins says she had warned her son earlier that day to stay off of the ice.

"Something was just telling me to tell Jayden do not go near that ice," she said. "I get goosebumps when I think about it."