A third person has been sent to jail for his part in a planned robbery and attack on a young man in St. John's more than two years ago.

Paul Gavin, 21, was one of four people charged with assault following the late-night ambush outside the west entrance to Bowring Park on Oct. 9, 2011. He was sentenced Monday to nine months in prison and three years' probation, the same punishment two young women have already received in the case.

Alison Clements, 22, admitted luring the victim to the park, where 20-year-old Jessica Bonnell, Gavin, and another young man, Dillon Downer, were waiting.

Downer, also 21, is still on the missing list, but is believed to be in Alberta. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

The story began with a text message, sent by the eventual victim, to Clements. The young man stated he had broken into a Shea Heights house and stolen prescription painkillers, including oxycodone. He wanted to know if Clements, whom he considered a friend, wanted to get high with him.

clements victim

This is one of several photos entered as evidence to show the injuries sustained by a man who was beaten and robbed for drugs in October 2011.

Clements said yes, but had other plans.

She left C.B.S. to meet the man in Shea Heights, but picked up the others first, dropping them off at the park. She then drove to meet her "friend."

He testified she drove along Waterford Bridge Road toward Bowring Park, and got angry because he didn't bring all the drugs with him. The man said he realized something was up, but she wouldn't let him out of the car.

He said Clements drove to the park where he was pulled from the car and beaten up by the others who also took the drugs, his wallet and a hoodie he was wearing.

The court was also told that neither of them had previous criminal records.

Gavin told the police he only punched the victim twice, but two witnesses said he and Downer pummelled and kicked the man. Gavin also admitted he was drinking and couldn't remember everything that happened.

His lawyer, meanwhile, noted Gavin co-operated with the police, and pleaded guilty.