Thief gets four month sentence for addiction-fuelled crimes

A Paradise man has been sentenced to four months in prison for thefts his lawyer says were motivated by his client's need for methadone.

Lawyer says Michael Slade wanted money to buy methadone on the street

A Paradise man has been sentenced to four months in prison for thefts his lawyer says were motivated by a need for methadone.

Michael Slade, 26, was prescribed methadone to treat his addiction to oxycodone but after verbally abusing his doctor's receptionist, he was dropped from the methadone program.

Slade then began stealing for money to buy methadone illegally, the court was told.

In October, he took two cartons of cigarettes from Paradise convenience store

Then in December, Slade took two bottles of men's cologne from a drug store in Conception Bay South.

Three days later, he took men's shaving cream and body spray from a grocery store in CBS.

In April, Slade was confronted by security at a Walmart in Mount Pearl. After a struggle, he dropped electronic devices that he had hidden under his jacket.

Slade pleaded guilty to four thefts and four breaches of probation.

He already has a record for five previous thefts.

Crown lawyer Elizabeth Ivany suggested a four-month sentence. Defence lawyer John McGrath didn't object, and Judge James Walsh went along with it.

"Hopefully when you get out you can deal with your drug issue, and get on the right path," said Walsh.

Slade is also facing weapons charges after police seized a sawed-off shotgun and Lee Enfield rifle from a home in Paradise in July.