University students in Corner Brook had a new way to fight stress before final exams with the arrival of some visiting therapy dogs.

Three registered therapy dogs were at the library at Memorial University's Grenfell campus this week to provide a much-needed pick-me-up for some students.

Student Michael Joyce is studying for six upcoming exams, and said the visitors were a welcome sight.

"It was really amazing because you actually got to spend some time with the dogs and relieve some stress, and it actually put a smile on your face," Joyce said.

Dog therapy is a new addition to the student wellness program at Grenfell. The school also offers yoga sessions and study snacks to help students cope with the stress.

Laura Caines, a student from Burnt Islands, said visiting with the comforting canines was a nice break.

"I have never owned a pet, but it was very calming — it was fun," Caines said. "We're all tensed up in those cubicles so to get a few minutes to go play with dogs is nice."

The trained pooches also make visits to hospitals and long-term care facilities to provide comfort to patients.