The Rocky Harbour Picture Show, and more #nlmusicals

Have a chuckle and enjoy some of the best tweets that put a local topspin on famous movie and stage musicals.

I can't resist a good joke, and neither can dozens of other Twitter users, apparently. On Tuesday evening, I caught up in a rapid-fire hashtag exchange of one pun after another ... all putting a local topspin on the names of famous musicals.

The hashtag #nlmusicals inspired people to get their pun on, and did they ever. The Bauline Lion King, B'ys and Dolls, Mudder Mia (the choice of numerous participants), Danny Get Your Gun; the list evolved so quickly, it was hard to keep up.

Well, I couldn't resist, either. Joseph Smallwood and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Ray Guys and Dolls, I'se Da Bye Bye Birdie were my first, and I kept going. I found myself laughing out loud through the evening as others came up with even better ones.

Here's a compilation, via the social media tool Storify, of some of the funniest things I saw. Many tweets were unfortunately not included, and I also recognize that many people had the same thought.

The entry I thought was funniest was also the most retweeted of the lot, and happened to have come from my CBC colleague, Jeremy Eaton, who opens the following list.