A Newfoundland band is asking for help in locating instruments stolen from the back of their tour van on Saturday.

Arthur O Brien of the Navigators said the band discovered the burglary on Saturday, just hours before they were set to play a show in Conception Bay South. 

'It's pretty devastating' - Arthur O'Brien

"We looked in the back of the door van and noticed that first, one guitar wasn't there, then two guitars, then, of course, a fiddle was missing," O'Brien said.

O'Brien estimates that the Santa Fe Takamine guitar, Larrivée guitar, and Barcus Berry fiddle are worth approximately $6,000.

"The bows I've had for over 10 or 12 years. I always keep getting them re-haired. They're probably the most sentimental thing because I've played them longest."

Aside from the monetary value, he said some of the instruments hold a special place in his heart .

Arthur O'Brien

A Barcus Barry fiddle is one of the items on the missing list. (CBC)

O'Brien hopes that by people sharing news that the instruments are stolen, the thieves will have a tougher time selling the items on the street.

"They're my tools. Our band relies on that. It's more than just me that plays those instruments, it's three of us that uses them," O'Brien said. 

"These are important —I don't know if the little bit of money or whatever you're gonna get for them is worth putting our lives in a little bit of limbo." 

"Hopefully, they'll find it in their heart to find someone that can return them, no questions asked."

O'Brien is thinking about offering a reward if the items are returned. 

This is not the first time the Navigators have been without their instruments. O'Brien said this theft makes it four guitars that have either been lost or stolen within the last five years.