Sightings of coyotes around St. John's are still rare enough to be considered novel, but what do you think of what happened after coyote roadkill was discovered Friday on Pitts Memorial Drive?

The carcass was discovered at six a.m. in the east-bound lane of one of the city's major thoroughfares, close to the middle of the road.

The St. John's Morning Show's traffic reporter Cecil Haire said when he was at the scene taking photos, a passerby drove up and took the body. He told Haire it was "for show." The man also told Haire there was another carcass on the road a couple of weeks ago.

A short time later, another man drove up only to be disappointed when Haire told him somebody else had beaten him to the prize. That man told Haire coyotes are everywhere in the Goulds where he lives.

Still another man followed Haire, as he drove to a nearby neighbourhood, to ask him if he took the body.

Haire doesn't know what sparked so much interest in the coyote, but the province's Environment and Conservation department offers a $25 bounty for coyote carcasses.