The Crown laid out its case against Steven Neville, 22, on trial for the first-degree murder of Doug Flynn and the attempted murder of Ryan Dwyer.

In Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador on Thursday, the St. John's jury saw pictures of pools of blood on the street and sidewalk on Carlisle Drive in Paradise.

It was there on Oct. 9, 2010, that the Crown claims Neville stabbed Flynn, 19 in the chest and temple. He later died in hospital.

Carlisle Drive is also where Neville is accused of stabbing Ryan Dwyer twice in one arm, once in the other and again in the back as he fled.

Crown prosecutor Robin Fowler told the jury that Dwyer and Neville had been feuding because of $65 that Dwyer's brother had loaned Neville.

Fowler said Neville became angry over comments Dwyer and Flynn put on Facebook.

"Neville tried to bear mace me, imma blow em off the map A.S.A.P," (sic) wrote Doug Flynn, according to Crown evidence.

"Kick in the door, wavin the four four all ya heard was granny neville saying don't hit me no more," (sic) wrote Ryan Dwyer, according to Crown evidence. The reference was to Neville's mother.

Fowler told the jury that after learning of the postings, Neville texted a friend saying, "They are dead, dead, dead. I'm stabbing them until they are squirting blood."

The Crown also told the court that Flynn and Dwyer weren't angels, and that Dwyer wanted to fight Neville.

When Neville, Flynn and Dwyer clashed, Fowler said Neville was armed with a knife, stabbing Dwyer and fatally wounding Flynn.

Self-defence argued

During a taped interview played in court, Neville told police, "I don't start fights. I try to avoid them. They tried to kill me ... They had the knife. I get locked up after defending myself."

At one point during the interview he breaks down and cries.

"I know my story. I'm going to tell it in court. I got jumped," he said on the tape.

The trial is scheduled to last several weeks.