Brad Cabana was back in court on Tuesday to continue his challenge of the Muskrat Falls project.

The political blogger and small business owner, who's representing himself in Supreme Court in St. John's, alleges that various constitutional violations should halt ongoing development of the multibillion-dollar project in Labrador.

Cabana questioned Gilbert Bennett, Nalcor's vice-president in charge of Muskrat Falls, about a water management agreement.

Cabana claims changes to the provincial Electrical Power Control Act and a subsequent water management agreement violate Hydro-Quebec's water flow rights on the Churchill River.

In sometimes testy exchanges, Bennett told the court that the agreement does not interfere with pre-existing power contracts.

Bennett said co-ordinating water flow between the Churchill Falls and Muskrat Falls plants would minimize energy waste, and help avoid power shortfalls.

Cabana noted he has spent more than $10,000 of his own money challenging the Muskrat Falls project, which he claims is rife with legal uncertainties that could be disastrous for the province once its built.