Things have gone from bad to worse for apartment tenants who were kicked out of a Corner Brook building following a safety inspection.

Officials also shut down Pho Vietnam, a restaurant also located at 27 Humber Rd., amid concerns over the electric work in the building.

One former tenant in the apartments has been able to get in and collect his belongings, but said other people haven't been so lucky.

Paul Greene said some of the seven other tenants have been locked out of their old apartments since being kicked out on Feb. 7.

Greene said the landlord, Janet Ma, has already changed the locks on some of the units.

Patchy electrical work Corner Brook

Patchy electrical work, like the kind seen in Paul Greene's apartment, forced safety inspectors to shut down power to the building on Humber Road. (CBC)

"There's a couple of tenants that can't get upstairs because Janet has changed the locks, and they still have things here," he said.

"I refused to give in my key, [but] unfortunately she managed to convince them to give their keys in."

Greene said he told Ma that he wouldn't return his key until he was reimbursed rent money for February.

However, he said even though the law may be on his side, it hasn't gotten him very far.

"The law states you can't [do what she's doing], but she says, 'Not Canadian law, my law,' " Greene said.

"How can you deal with a person like that?"

He said renters need to ensure they take a serious look at an apartment before they decide to rent.

"If you go into a building that doesn't look right, feel free to look around. Look at the plug-ins, the heaters, if you have to take the cover off the heater to see if it's joined to another one. It's not worth your life."

CBC News has tried unsuccessfullly to contact Ma.