Tely 10 runner Mark Didham out of coma

The wife of Tely 10 runner Mark Didham got an unexpected, but delightful phone call Sunday.

Wife Jill Didham gets unexpected phone call from her husband

Mark Didham collapsed while he was running the Tely 10, so family members finished his race for him. He has since come out of a medically-induced coma. (CBC)

The wife of Tely 10 runner Mark Didham got an unexpected, but delightful phone call on Sunday.

Didham collapsed about a mile from the finish line when last Sunday's heat got the best of him. He was placed  in a medically-induced coma to try to stabilize his condition.   

Wife Jill Didham and other members of his family were at his side at St. Clare's Mercy Hospital throughout the week. They were fearing the worst Thursday because his liver was failing.

When a phone call came from the hospital Sunday, Jill Didham's heart was in her throat.

"There was somebody that wanted to speak to me, which was my husband. Well of course the first thing that  I thought was a shock because he's still not out of the woods, but it was him," she said.

"He wanted to know why I wasn't with him ... (why) I didn't see him all week."

Didham says she explained that she and other family members had been at his side almost every hour since he went into the coma.

"I said I was there … haven't left his side the whole time. But he doesn't remember so he just wanted to see where I was," she said.

Jill Didham said her husband doesn't remember very much, including what happened during the race.