Organizers of the Tely 10 race in St. John's say they're preparing for their biggest event ever this Sunday, with 600 more racers participating than the race's previous high.

Randy Ball, race director, said organizers and volunteers have been working extra hard this year to get ready for the race this weekend, with the largest set of racers ever.

Randy Ball

Randy Ball, director of the Tely 10 race, encourages runners to sign up for early-bird registration next year to ensure they get a spot, as the race continues to grow. (CBC)

"We were prepared for 4,200 and we got up to 4,184, so we feel comfortable with that number but that's a lot of extra work, a lot of extra runners, but I'm sure it will work out," said Ball.

He said it took a big team of volunteers to prepare everything for the weekend, and with the increasing number of runners participating, he added people may want to think of signing up earlier next year to get a spot.

"We encourage people in the future, especially as the numbers are growing, that the quicker you can register online then the quicker all the commitments that we're promising to our runners we can commit to them, and we can fulfill them," he said.

The 87th Tely 10 race is set to go ahead Sunday morning, starting in Paradise and ending in Bannerman Park in St. John's.