A businessman is so upset with an incoming law that will make it illegal for anyone under 19 to use an artificial tanning bed that he is calling on voters to punish the governing Tories in Newfoundland and Labrador's next election. 

A new provincial law takes effect on Friday. It was introduced in 2012 with other measures that regulate other personal services, include tattoos and piercings. 

Vic Lawlor, the owner of seven tanning salons in the province, is taking inspiration from former premier Danny Williams, who led a campaign called ABC — Anything But Conservative — against Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the 2008 federal election.

"What I find laughable is that they are turning around and telling an 18-year-old, 'You're a young adult, you can vote, you can serve in the military, you can hold political office in this country, but yet we don't think you are smart enough, informed enough or mature enough to decide whether you should tan or not,'" Lawlor told CBC News. 

"I find it laughable, and they should turn around and vote for anything but PC next election."

Parental consent was in place: owner

Lawlor said the law doesn't make sense.

"We've had parental consent with our salons for the last 14 years, since we started. Our policies are pretty simple. If you're 16 or 17 years old, one of your parents had to come in and sign a consent form. We explained the tanning process to them, and we explained the risks, and basically they made the decision for their young adult."

'Statistics and research shows [artificial] tanning devices are five times more dangerous than being outside'  - Darryl Yetman, Canadian Cancer Society 

Meanwhile, the provincial branch of the Canadian Cancer Society believes the new legislation is a good first step.

Co-ordinator for sun safety Darryl Yetman has applauded the new legislation.

"We are delighted. We finally got this legislation passed, and it's a campaign we've been lobbying government for a while now. It's wonderful to get this news," Yetman said.

"While we sympathize with anybody whose bottom line is going to be affected by this, we can't let that stop us from moving ahead and making moves that are going to protect the general public."

Generic tanning bed photo

On Friday, it will be illegal for anyone under 19 to use an artificial tanning bed in Newfoundland and Labrador. (CBC)

Yetman said contrary to what a lot of people believe, there is no safe way to get a suntan.

"Statistics and research shows [artificial] tanning devices are five times more dangerous than being outside."

Yetman said the Cancer Society is eventually looking at a total ban.

"I think that's quite possible and it's a dream that we'll be looking forward to hopefully in the very near future." 

Brazil and some parts of Australia have already implemented an outright ban on artificial tanning devices.