A 17-year-old male, who died after the stolen SUV he was driving crashed near Deer Lake, is being linked to another crime that happened on the same day. 

RCMP in Deer Lake said the SUV struck a highway sign and rolled over into a ditch near St. Jude's around 4:30 a.m. Monday.

The driver died in hospital. The male passenger in the vehicle is still in hospital with serious injuries.

RNC Const. Scott Mosher in Corner Brook

RNC Const. Scott Mosher said during the investigation of the car theft from Atlantic Avenue, another call came in about a break-in in the same area. (CBC)

RNC Const. Scott Mosher said the SUV was from the Corner Brook area.

"Through the investigation, it was determined that the vehicle involved had been, in fact, stolen from a residence on Atlantic Avenue," he said.

During the police investigation of the car theft, Mosher said another call came in about a break-in on the same street.

"A couple [of] hours later, we did receive a second complaint from the Atlantic Avenue area in relation to a residential break and entry, and at this time, it is believed that the suspect for the [break-in] and the stolen vehicle are the same person," he said.

Mosher said the teenager and the homeowner were related.

Police are waiting for the passenger of the SUV to recover before questioning him.

"At this time, we are unsure if he was or is a suspect, or had any involvement in the break and enter, or the theft of the vehicle," Mosher said.