A St. John's cab driver isn't surprised to hear that one of his colleagues was brutally beaten allegedly by a customer over the weekend.

Nick Brennan said the taxi business has been getting more dangerous for years.

"It's going to keep escalating until the ultimate and someone happens to get killed," Brennan said.

"And then all the sudden, people starts to talk, 'Well, we should have done something, we should have done something.' You know, the time to do something is before that happens." 

The victim, an international student who drives part time, is recovering from the attack with broken bones, an injured jaw and a severed forefinger and thumb.

The driver is working on a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering at Memorial University.

Police charged Lucas O'Keefe, 33, of Mount Pearl with assault causing bodily harm and uttering threats in the attack of the driver.

Becoming like Halifax

Brennan worked on the mainland for more than a decade before returning to Newfoundland.

He watched parts of Nova Scotia become tougher and more violent — changes he said are happening here.

"Halifax in the '80s is like what St. John's is right now, so I know what's coming."

Brennan fears what happen to the Co-op Taxi driver on Sunday morning might happen to others as well.

Jiffy Cabs

St. John's cab drivers say the taxi business has been getting consistently more dangerous over the years. (CBC)

Brennan expects there will be changes in the taxi industry.

"I think what's coming is you are going to see cameras in the cars, a glass partition between the seats. It's going to keep escalating until the ultimate and someone happens to get killed." 

Brennan said some drivers are thinking about getting out of the business all together.