Some people in Marystown are fighting to get the Targa race back in their community after the town council voted to get rid of it. (CBC)

A group in Marystown is fighting to get the Targa road race back in the community after town council voted to shut the race down.

Mike Brennan, who represents the group, said the car rally — which takes a route across Newfoundland highways — was a huge boost to the local economy. 

He said he wants town council to reconsider its decision to axe the race.

"We could be building on this, and it could become an enormously successful event for the charities and for the businesses," Brennan said.

However, Marystown Deputy Mayor Al Spencer said the council would do what it could to help local businesses and charities manage without Targa.

He said after two accidents in last year's race, the safety concerns were too great to ignore.

"It was a tough decision, and the big issue came down to safety based on the input from the residents that we'd all spoken to," Spencer said.

Brennan's group wants to set up a meeting to discuss the issue with council, but the town says further discussion will need to be approved by an advisory committee first.

This year's Targa will run from Sept. 14-19.