Some crew members on tankers in Newfoundland and Labrador's offshore oil industry are threatening to strike, after rejecting a tentative deal that their union had hammered out. 


Canship Ugland uses vessels like the MV Kometik to ship oil produced at platforms east of Newfoundland. (Rod Etheridge/ CBC)

St. John's-based Canship Ugland Ltd. said in a statement that the Canadian Merchant Services Guild has served notice of an intention to strike. 

Canship, which is declining to comment in interviews, said that members of the union rejected a tentative agreement that had been reached in January. 

It noted that the union's bargaining committee had unanimously approved the agreement on Jan. 10. 

"The matter has been referred to the Canada Industrial Relations Board, precluding any immediate risk of strike action," Canship Ugland's statement said. 

The company's tankers carry oil from platforms east of St. John's to a transhipment facility near Arnold's Cove, in Newfoundland's Placentia Bay.