An oil tanker captain has agreed to pay a fine relating to an oil spill that happened in Labrador three years ago after the company he worked for pleaded guilty to other charges related to the spill.


The Mokami, seen here in Conception Bay in 2010, spilled oil into Williams Harbour in Sept. 2009. (Photo courtesy Dean Porter)

Bradley Joseph Doyle was the captain of the Mokami when it was making a delivery of diesel fuel to Williams Harbour, on the south coast of Labrador Sept. 19, 2009.

On that day, a faulty gasket caused 70 litres of fuel to leak from the ship into Williams Harbour.

Doyle's lawyer, John Babb, appeared in court by phone and pleaded guilty on behalf of his client to one charge relating to the spill.

Babb has been ordered to pay a $15,000 penalty, with half of that money going toward helping a marine protected area where the spill occurred.

On Monday, Coastal Shipping, the company which owns the Mokami, which — in turn — is owned by the Woodward Group of Companies, pleaded guilty to not reporting the spill and not following proper cleanup procedures.

Woodwards has been ordered to pay a $100,000 fine.