Although it's illegal in Newfoundland and Labrador for drivers to use hand-held cellphones while operating a vehicle, some people are not paying attention to the law.

In a two-day period this week, 75 people were ticketed for talking on a cellphone while driving.

Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Cst. Steve Curnew said nearly 200 people have been ticketed so far this year, and those tickets can be costly.

"Depending on how many offences you've had with that ticket, it starts off four demerit points, and I believe in the ballpark of $100. But then again, the more frequently you get dinged with these, the more the fine will go up," Curnew said.

"It's [a] pretty easy ticket to give. It's pretty obvious when you're passing someone that has their hand up to the side of their heads."

Curnew said this week's flurry of tickets was not a special crackdown within the RNC's jurisdiction.

"I'd say it's just been more frequently recognized, and like anything, we go through a period where we see an increase in impaired driving, not that we're cracking down any more on impaired driving, it's just that we're catching them more."

Newfoundland and Labrador passed the first law in Canada banning drivers from using hand-held phones. Royal assent was given in December 2002 to a bill introduced by the former Liberal government. 

Hands-free phones are allowed.