A driver who got caught up in some texting while he was behind the wheel in St. John's late Thursday night was definitely distracted.

nl rnc cruiser night 20131206

A texting driver did not notice an RNC cruiser had pulled up behind him at a stop. (CBC)

Apart from not noticing that the traffic light had changed while he was paused at an intersection, he didn't notice the police cruiser that had pulled up right behind him.

The incident played out shortly before midnight at the intersection of Cashin Avenue and Blackmarsh Road.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary said the force had been looking for a driver who was reported as being possibly impaired.

Police said the man, 34, was not drunk or high — although his driving was definitely affected by his use of a phone. He was given a ticket for using a handheld device while at the wheel.

As well, police found that the man was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant. He was taken to the lockup.